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There are different ways to get to and from the Leifur Eiríksson Air Terminal, if you live in Iceland and you are driving or picking up a passenger at the Airport we have good parking space for you.

Long-term parking is a good solution for a good price.

You can take the Flybus, taxi or rent a car to get to or from Leifur Eiríksson Air Terminal.


Schedule. Time From Flight Nr. Airline Status
08:45 Manchester EZY1805 easyJet Landed 08:39 
09:05 Bristol Lulsgate EZY6001 easyJet Landed 09:00 
09:35 London Luton EZY2295 easyJet Confirm. 09:45 
09:25 Oslo Airport DY1170 Norwegian Air Shuttle Confirm. 09:46 
10:50 Oslo Airport SK4787 SAS Confirm. 10:50 
All arrivals


Sch. Time To Flight Nr. Airline Status
07:45 Copenhagen FI204 Icelandair Departed 08:05 
08:00 Manchester FI440 Icelandair Departed 08:10 
07:35 Stockholm Arlanda FI306 Icelandair Departed 08:13 
08:10 Liege FI784 Icelandair Departed 08:22 
09:25 Manchester EZY1806 easyJet Final Call 
All departures
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