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Before Departure

Exceptional service is a priority here at Keflavik Airport and our goal is to make your journey through our airport as easy and pleasant as possible. We kindly ask you to revise this important information:

Early Bird? - You can check in all night!

Keflavik Airport is expected to be very busy this summer, especially during early morning. We recommend that passengers arrive for check-in 2.5 hours before scheduled departure to avoid queues. This applies to all passenger flights, particularly if the departure is scheduled during peak times, which are 06:00–09:00, 15:00–18:00 and 00:00–02:00. In light of the increased traffic we have extended our service hours. If you are flying out in the morning with Icelandair, WOW Air or Primera Air, you can check in as early as midnight and most stores and facilities will be open.

Rush hours at the airport terminal:

Check-in options

The airlines offer various methods of checking in and dropping off your hold luggage. We recommend that passengers use the self-service check-in kiosks that many airlines now offer. They are open 24 hours a day.

Please study the check-in options for your airline at Keflavik airport

Security control

In order to facilitate security checks, we recommend that passengers have their passport / boarding pass ready as well as all hand luggage that must be scanned.
We recommend that you have already:

  • placed cosmetics, perfumes and other liquids (each unit less than 100 ml) in clear plastic bags. The bags should be packed so that they are easily accessible, as they must be scanned separately.
  • removed laptops and other larger electronics from the bag.
  • taken off coats and jackets, removed belts and emptied pockets.
  • You may be requested to remove your shoes and have them scanned.

The security control is open most of the time, or from 03:30 to 01:00.

Further information on security

Take your time and relax

We have a range of nice restaurants and stores awaiting you at the airport that are all tax and duty free. So take your time and enjoy your stay with us. We offer unlimited free Wi-Fi in all areas and over 100 charging stations for mobiles and other equipment.

See the range of shops and restaurants in the terminal

VAT refunds

Arion bank pays VAT refunds at its desk in the arrivals lounge and is located opposite the car rentals. Opening hours match flight schedules. The refund must be obtained before check-in, and the goods for which you receive a refund must be shown at the refund desk.

Further information and location