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General Tips
As a rule the carriers reserve the right to refuse the carriage of more than the free baggage allowance on the same flight as the passenger. It is therfore of great importance that the carrier is advised of all baggage which is considerably in excess of the free allowance in advance , in order to allow for special arrangements such as the booking of the necessary space or carriage on other aircraft as cargo.
Passengers holding baggage of abnormal size (except skis) are requested to notify the carrier well in advance of travel.

Packing and Marking
All checked baggage must be properly packed in suitcase or similar container in order to ensure safe carriage with ordinary care in handling, i.e. it must be sufficiently rigid and resistant to stand pressure caused by normal loading conditions. Travel documents, medical certificates, X-ray plates, etc. as well as fragile articles, valuables, such as money, jewellery, silverware, negotiable papers, securities and business documents may not be packed in the registered baggage, only in the hand luggage.

Remove old baggage tags from previous flights. Each piece of baggage must be clearly marked with the passenger's name and destination address both in text hereside and out. Unmarked baggage will not be accepted.

Sharp objects such as ski poles, rucksack carriages, objects with sharp corners or edges, will not be accepted as baggage unless properly packed.
Luggage policies depending on which class you are traveling on:

Below are information about how much baggage you can take with you when you fly with Icelandair and WOW air


WOW air

Lost and Found

Do you need to store your luggage while exploring Iceland?

Leave your luggage with us and enjoy Iceland. We store your luggage in a secure place while you go and explore.

Our Luggage storage is located 500 meters from the departure side of the airport. We are located between Enterprise and Avis.
Opening Hours:

15. May – 1. September: 24 hours
1. September – 31. October: 05:00 - 24:00
1. November – 15. May: 05:00 - 18:00

Normal luggage
Pricing depends on the length of your storage:
Single day storage: 2000 ISK.
1000 ISK per day, per bag the first week.
500 ISK per day, per bag after first week.
Odd-size luggage (cycling bags, instruments, etc)
Single day storage: 2500 ISK.
1500 ISK per day, per bag the first week.
1000 ISK per day, per bag after first week.

If you need any other information check out our website www.luggagestorage.is or send us an e-mail: bill@bilahotel.is