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We recommend that passengers arrive for check-in two and a half hours (2.5 hrs) before the scheduled departure to avoid queues.

The airlines offer various methods of checking in and dropping off hold luggage:

  Self-service check-in Check-in by airline operator Online check-in Self bag drop Bag drop to airline operator
Icelandair x x x x x
WOW air
x x x x x
SAS x   x x x
Delta x x x   x
Norwegian x x x   x
easyJet   x x   x
WIZZ   x x   x
Air Baltic   x x   x
Eurowings   x x   x
Vueling   x x   x
Transavia   x x   x
British Airways
x x x   x
Air Berlin
x x x
Lufthansa x x x
Air Greenland x x
Austrian Airlines x x
Czech Airlines x x
Air Iceland x x
Atlantic Airways x x
Primera x x
Travel Service x x
Adria Airways x x

Check-in options

Self-service check-in

We offer 50 self-service check-in stations in the check-in hall. They are open 24 hours a day. Passengers may, therefore, check in more than two and a half hours before departure.
Passengers use the self-service stations to check in in less than a minute, choosing their own seat and printing their boarding pass and luggage stickers. The only thing needed to be able to check in is the flight’s booking number or passport.

Check-in by airline operator

If an airline does not offer self-service check-in, the passenger goes to a traditional check-in desk where an employee of the airline operator will handle the check-in and receive hold luggage. The check-in desks are numbered, and passengers can find their flight’s number on the screen in the check-in hall when they arrive. Airline operators generally open for check-in two and a half hours (2.5 hrs) before the scheduled departure.

Online check-in

Passengers check in through the website of the airline and receive a boarding pass into their smartphone or for printing at home. On arrival at Keflavík Airport, passengers go directly up to the departures area if carrying hand luggage only. Icelandair passengers with hold luggage for check-in go first to the self-service check-in station to get stickers for the luggage, then to the self bag drop-off. easyJet passengers with hold luggage for check-in go directly to the airline operator bag drop-off.

Bag drop-off options

Self bag drop-off

Once passengers have self-checked in, they can go to the self bag drop-off. There, passengers scan their bag and the boarding pass, and then the bag is processed.

Bag drop-off to airline operator

The employees of airline operators take delivery of the bags at the check-in desk, where they are labelled and processed.
Check-in desks are generally open for check-in two and a half hours (2.5 hrs) before the scheduled departure.

Preparations for check-in

Passengers can speed up the process by having already labelled all luggage properly and having booking confirmations and passports ready.
When packing for a trip, it is a good idea to keep in mind that vanity pouches, toothpaste, hair products, perfumes, creams, aftershave, deodorants, soaps, shaving cream and other comparable items are best kept in checked-in luggage.
Remember to also pack items that are not permitted in hand baggage in the checked-in bags. Items such as scissors, nail files and pocket knives must be put in checked-in luggage. If such items are found in hand luggage during the security check, the passenger, without exception, will be prevented from continuing with such items through the security gate.

After check-in

There is plenty to see and do in the departures area of Keflavík Airport on the second floor. We recommend that passengers go through the security check immediately after check-in and then on to the departures area. A range of restaurants and shops, all of which are tax free, may be found in the departures area. Families with children can make themselves comfortable in the children’s play area. The terminal offers free wireless Internet together with numerous charging stations for equipment.