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Custom's Regulations

Duty-Free luggage of travellers resident outside Iceland

Travellers may bring into the country without payment of customs duty clothing, bedclothes, camping gear and other travelling equipment (including foodstuffs and other supplies) for their own use in Iceland, provided that these goods may be deemed of a reasonable quantity and nature for the purpose and duration of the visit, and consistent with the visitor´s other circumstances, and that they will be transported out of the country on the owner´s departure, in so far as they are not consumed in Iceland.

Traveller may bring with them a gift; the value of each object may, however, not exceed ISK 10,000. Should the value of an object be more than ISK 10,000 the person in question may utilise the customs allowance for that amount, and pay duty on the excess value.

Duty-Free luggage of travellers resident in Iceland

Travel gear and other luggage
Travellers may bring with them, free of duty, any articles obtained on the trip or in a duty-free shop in this country (on departure or arrival) to the value of ISK 65,000 retail at point of purchase. The value of each single item must not exceed ISK 88,000. If the value of an item is greater than 88,000, it may have duty-free status up to that value and the traveller can pay import duties on the value above this sum.
Children up to 12 years old are entitled to half the allowance as stated above. Duty-free import of food, including sweets, is limited to ISK 44,000 in value and 3 kg in weight.
The privilege to duty-free import is not transferable; two or three travellers can not pool their allowances for duty-free import, e.g. to import a single item duty-free that has a value above ISK 88,000..

Alcoholic beverages and tobacco
Travellers can import duty-free alcoholic beverages and tobacco products as follows:

Alcoholic beverages:

  • 1 litre of spirits, 1 litre of wine and 200 cigarettes (1 carton) or 250 g of other tobacco products; or
  • 1 litre of spirits, 6 litres of beer and 200 cigarettes (1 carton) or 250 g of other tobacco products; or
  • 1.5 litre of wine, 6 litres of beer and 200 cigarettes (1 carton) or 250 g of other tobacco products; or
  • 3 litres wine and 200 cigarettes (1 carton) or 250 g of other tobacco products.

Spirits comprise alcoholic beverages having 22% alcoholic content or more; wines comprise alcoholic beverages, other than beer, below this alcohol content.

The minimum age for bringing alcoholic beverages into Iceland is 20 years, or 18 years for tobacco.

Import restrictions and prohibitions
The provisions of the regulations regarding duty-free imports by travellers do not give exemptions from import restrictions or import prohibitions to which various types of articles are subject in accordance with the law, regulations or other administrative instructions.
The following products are among goods that are subject to import restrictions:

  • Telephones and other communications equipment

The importation of articles in this group is usually subject to a permit from the Post and Telecom Administration. Equipment subject to such a permit includes line and cordless telephones, answering machines, radio transmitters and receivers and remote control devices for toys. However, an import permit is not required for GSM mobile phones carrying the CE label (user equipment with certification within the European Economic Area). A permit is not required if a traveller imports a single GSM telephone without a CE label.

  • Angling gear, riding gear and riding habit

A person is allowed to have in their possession angling gear and equipment and/or riding gear and riding habit that has been used outside of Iceland, if it has been disinfected according to valid regulations before bringing it into the country. If a certificate of disinfection by a foreign authority is not presented, the gear must be disinfected on arrival at the owner´s expense.

For further information please contact KEFparking by e-mail kefparking@kefparking.is or phone (+354) 425 6400

Firearms and ammunition

Firearms and ammunition, which a traveller brings in for personal use, are subject to a permit from the police authorities.

  • Live animals

Import of live animals is subject to a permit from the Ministry of Agriculture and regulations on quarantine must be adhered to. If animals are imported without permission, they shall be destroyed.

  • Drugs

Travellers may import drugs for personal use up to an amount sufficient for 100 days of use by that person, provided that this amount can easily be ascertained. Male hormones in the group of anabolic steroids and similar substances along with peptide hormones and similar substances (cf. sections (c) and (f) in the International Olympic Committee´s list of drugs prohibited in sports) may only be imported in an amount sufficient for 30 days of use. Customs officials may require the traveller to substantiate his/her use of these drugs in the indicated amount, e.g. with a doctor´s certificate.

  • Flowers and plants

Flowers and plants for import must usually be accompanied by a health certificate issued by the relevant authorities in the country of cultivation, endorsed by the Icelandic Agricultural Research Institute. However, a traveller may bring without a certificate a bouquet of cut flowers (up to 25 plants), bulbs, tubers and tuberous roots from Europe in unopened shop wrapping (up to 2 kg) and potted plants from Europe (up to 3 items).

Examples of goods subject to an importation ban:

  • Narcotics and dangerous drugs
  • Chewing tobacco and snuff
  • Uncooked meat products

In general, the condition for importing meat products is that they be fully cooked or tinned. Smoking, salting or drying without cooking is not sufficient. For example, the import of bacon, sausages (salami, meat sausages and all kinds of smoked, uncooked sausages), smoked saddle of pork and poultry is prohibited.

  • Uncooked milk and raw eggs
  • Various types of weapons

Import is prohibited of knives with blades exceeding 12 cm; switchblade knives, throwing knives and other similar weapons; bludgeons, such as knuckle irons and various truncheons; crossbows and handcuffs.

If the traveller suspects that some articles s/he has in his/her possession may be subject to import restrictions or an import ban s/he should declare it to customs by own initiative.

General conditions of duty-free import
Duty-free import applies to goods that the traveller has in his/her possession upon arrival in Iceland. However, duty-free import may be permitted on luggage that has become separated from its owner and if that person has been shown to have privileges to import the luggage duty-free if s/he had it in his/her possession.
Furthermore, duty-free import is limited to goods intended for the personal use of the traveller, his/her family or as gifts. Travellers´ privileges to duty-free import should not cover articles imported for commercial purposes or otherwise intended to be used in employment.
A traveller may be required to prove that goods in his/her possession fulfil the conditions for duty-free import. It is advisable to have certain valuable items registered at Customs upon departure. It is also good practice to keep all receipts for goods bought abroad in a safe place, for the traveller may have to show proof of purchase price.

Customs clearance
A traveller arriving in Iceland from abroad shall voluntarily declare and produce to a Customs officer all goods in his/her possession and all goods that are subject to import restrictions or import prohibitions. However, travellers need not declare any other goods in their possession unless expressly required to. If there are Red and Green customs channels where the customs clearance of travellers takes place, travellers are expected to choose a channel for entry and by doing so indicate if they are carrying goods to be declared or not.

The red channel is for those who are bringing with them:

  • Declarable goods or
  • Goods that are subject to import restrictions or an import ban

The green channel is for those who are carrying duty-free goods and no goods that are subject to import restrictions. If in doubt as to the rules of duty-free privileges, the traveller should choose the red channel.
Customs officers can at all times request to examine a traveller´s luggage, even when going through the green channel; the same applies in general to customs clearance areas that do not have red and green channels. The traveller shall give any relevant assistance, e.g. by opening suitcases and packaging if necessary, and to supply any information about the luggage that may be requested. If such an inspection reveals goods that have not been declared in accordance with the above instructions, they are regarded as illegal imports. Such goods may be confiscated by the State and the person in question may be liable to legal proceedings.

Further information
This is only a brief description of the regulations regarding duty-free importation by tourists resident in Iceland. Any further information may be obtained from Customs authorities.