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How can I speed up security screening

Have your travel documents/ boarding pass and/or identification/passport ready for examination.
Be ready to place your hand baggage in one of the plastic trays on the conveyor belt in front of the x-ray machines, if applicable.

Do the following before you arrive at the security gate:

Remove the plastic bag containing liquids from your hand baggage
Remove your laptop computer or other larger electronic items from hand baggage
Take off your coat, jacket. Remove your belt. Empty your pockets.
These items are screened separately

What happens if a prohibited item is found in hand baggage?
If a prohibited item (e.g. sharp objects, liquids in containers exceeding 100 ml) is found at security screening, the passenger is not permitted to carry them through security screening.

When the passenger reaches security screening, it is too late to place the prohibited item in checked baggage. Icelandic airports have no facilities for storage of prohibited items.

Can I purchase liquids in the departure area of the Air Terminal?
Passengers can, as hitherto, purchase any liquids and other goods in the waiting area of air terminals in the European Economic Area. Goods sold in these areas have been especially screened.

Must liquids purchased in the departure area of the Air Terminal be sealed?
If passengers are flying direct to their destination from Iceland, liquids purchased in the duty free area may be simply placed in hand baggage. In the case of transfer passengers, carefully examine these rules:

Flights from Iceland to countries in the European Economic Area requiring transfer:

Liquids purchased in a terminal shop after passing through security screening, or on board an aircraft, must be in a bag sealed by the store where it was purchased, until arrival at the destination.

When passing through security screening in the transfer country, the receipt must be produced at the departure gate on request, confirming the content of the bag and date of purchase.

In cases where transfer passengers reclaim their baggage before continuing their journey, it is advisable to place the purchases in the baggage to be checked in for the ongoing flight.

Flights from Iceland to North America (USA/Canada) requiring transfer:

Liquids bought in a store after passing through security screening or on board the aircraft, must be placed in baggage to be checked in before boarding the ongoing flight.

Passengers have an opportunity to do this after passing though Customs control on arrival at an airport in North America (USA/Canada).

Flights to Iceland from North America (USA/Canada) and other countries outside the European Economic Area:

Liquids purchased before check-in should be packed in baggage to be checked in.

Liquids purchased in stores after passing though security screening in North America (USA/Canada) and other countries outside the European Economic Area may not be carried in hand baggage into an air terminal in Iceland, even in sealed packaging.
Liquids purchased on board an aircraft registered in a member state of the European Economic Area may be brought into an air terminal in Iceland, if in a sealed bag. The passenger must be able to produce a receipt confirming the content and date of purchase, if security staff so request.

Note that when a liquid purchased has been placed in a sealed bag by the relevant store, the seal must not be broken when in the terminal or when travelling on an aircraft. If a passenger is subjected to a security search before leaving the terminal, and the seal has been broken, the passenger may not carry the liquid through security screening.

What items are prohibited?
Explosives, flammable gases, flammable liquids, corrosive substances, toxic and hazardous substances, radioactive materials, caustic substances, magnetised objects and anaesthetics.

If you have any further queries, contact the Icelandic Civil Aviation Administration http://www.caa.is/