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Domestic transfer

Direct domestic flights between Keflavik International Airport (KEF) and Akureyri (AEY)

Air Iceland will start operating direct domestic flights between Keflavik International Airport (KEF) and Akureyri (AEY) North Iceland from the 24th of February 2017 in connection to international flights via Keflavik.
Flights will be operated all year round, up to six times a week during the winter season and two times a week during the summer, according to schedule.

These flights are only available in connection with international flights through Keflavik Airport (KEF), a stopover in KEF is not allowed.


  • All passengers that have a continuing flight with Icelandair are checked in all the way to final international destination
  • Passengers who continue with other airlines are checked in the flight to Keflavik. A boarding card for the continuing flight can be accessed at the service desk of the relevant airline (in departure hall) or through channels recommended by relevant airline such as web check in, mobile check in or self-service kiosks
  • Passengers go through security at Akureyri Airport
  • Luggage is checked in at Akureyri Airport for a continuing flight from Keflavik Airport


Booking with Icelandair

  • Passengers are checked into flight to Akureyri from the relevant international airport
  • Passengers receive a boarding pass from Keflavik Airport to Akureyri at the relevant international airport
  • Luggage is checked in all the way to Akureyri

Two separate flight bookings with Icelandair and Air Iceland

  • Passengers need to mention at the relevant airport that a final destination is Akureyri
  • The ground service employee at the international airport checks the luggage in all the way to Akureyri, or according to passenger wishes
  • Passengers receive a boarding card Keflavik-Akureyri
  • If it is not possible to hand over a boarding card Keflavik-Akureyri, it will be handed over at the service desk at Keflavik Airport

Two separate bookings with Air Iceland and another airline (not Icelandair)

  • Passengers check in with luggage to Keflavik (KEF)
  • Passengers enter Arrival area in Keflavik and collects luggage
  • The IGS (Icelandair Ground Service) check in desk is situated at the Arrival area at Keflavik Airport for this flight
  • Passengers check in with luggage at the IGS check in desk at the Arrival area
  • Passengers go through security at the Arrival area at Keflavik Airport
  • After security check passengers enter the duty-free area of the airport

Important information
If a passenger leaves the customs area (from the Arrival area) in Keflavik, the passenger will not be able to return to continue his trip.
Air Iceland advises passengers that they need to collect their luggage at Arrival area to make sure that they have at least 90 minutes between their flights. Check in at Akureyri Airport starts 90 minutes before departure.

Information about duty-free shopping
Flights from Akureyri: There is a duty-free store at Akureyri Airport as well as Keflavik Airport.
Flights to Akureyri: All passengers go through customs at arrival and a duty-free store will be open. Passengers can also shop tax and duty free at Keflavik Airport.