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Special Assistance

Below are links to Icelandair og WOW Air websites.

Icelandair Website
Young Travelers, Blind Passengers with Seeing-Eye Dogs, Expectant Mothers, Wheelchair Service and Traveling with Pets.

WOW Air Website
What are the rules for infants, Expectant Mothers,Traveling with Pets etc.

Keflavik international airport offers assistance to passengers with reduced mobility. This service is provided free of charge by specially trained staff    

This service is available for passengers with reduced mobility including:

  • Elderly people who cannot walk distances
  • Passengers who need a wheelchair
  • Passengers who are hard of hearing
  • Passengers who are visually impaired
  • Passengers who have other disabilities or special needs

Passengers should submit an assistance request at least 48 hours prior to departure through their air carrier, its agent or tour operator. When you apply for such assistance, which is free of charge, the request needs to reach our service desk 36 hours prior to departure.
If you apply later than the specified minimum time, we will obviously do our utmost to assist you in every way we can and as soon as possible. However, some delays may occur. We will assist you from your initial point of arrival at the airport – car park or departure hall – to your aeroplane or cabin seat as needed.

Important! It is imperative that you inform your carrier of your need for special assistance at least 48 hours prior to departure

When applying for assistance it is important to state the following:

  • Whether you can walk short distances or not at all
  • Whether you can ascend or descend stairways
  • Whether you can move only with assistance
  • Whether you are visually impaired
  • Whether you are hard of hearing
  • Whether you request assistance for someone with other disabilities or special needs
  • Flight number and date
  • Ticket booking number 
  • Whether you intend to bring your own wheelchair (manual/electric, dry/wet cell)
  • Anything else that you consider important for us to know so we can assist you in the best possible way (e.g. agoraphobia or claustrophobia)

On arrival at the airport, you should notify our coordinator by:

  • Telephone: +354 425 6500.
  • Contacting the airline staff at the check in desk
  • Call post at the marked parking space on the north side of the terminal, departure side.
  • Call post in the departure hall.
  • One of our passenger assistants will meet you at one of the clearly marked call posts and assist you on your journey through the airport.
  • Our service for passengers with reduced mobility will ensure your safety and comfort.

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Quality standard for passengers with reduced mobility. (PRM)

Service questionnaire regarding assistance to passengers with reduced mobility (PRM)

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