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Variety of Iceland

Nature and nightlife. Art and activity. Festivals and fashion.

A visit to Iceland gives you more choices for your vacation. In a single day you can walk on a glacier, watch graceful whales, read the ancient Sagas and indulge in award-winning cuisine. Iceland has unforgettable nature which begins on the doorstep of its clean and friendly cities and ends miles from human settlements. You can spend your time indoors in many museums and galleries, shopping for the latest designer fashions, or in a coffee house enjoying a frothy cappuccino. Or you can be outdoors on hikes, at festivals and parades or relaxing in the country’s famous outdoor thermal swimming pools. The choice to roam as you please, to explore and have fun, is the key to the Iceland experience.

Whether you visit Iceland to meet people or to get away from them, there’s ample scope for doing both. Likewise you can find a peace and tranquility that most modern city-dwellers only dream about, or action more intense than you’ve even known as you battle with the elements and forces of nature themselves.

Iceland is a friendly, clean and safe destination where most people speak good English. You can mix and match options to create your own vacation, either independently or on specialized tours. Just think of it as simple diversity: a huge range of activities but on a small enough scale to make it easy to get around. In Iceland you’ll find a place where you can be sure that there is space for you.

This is Iceland. We look forward to welcoming you. Vertu velkominn!


Icelandic nature

Winter heats up in Iceland!

Despite what its chilly-sounding name might suggest, Iceland does not freeze to a halt in winter. Average January temperatures in many parts of Iceland are actually higher than those in New York and much of Iceland’s cultural life bursts into bloom from autumn to spring, before the long bright nights and the main travel season begin.

Outdoor life goes on as usual in Iceland throughout winter, with horseback riding and sightseeing all year round. And for thrills such as snowmobiling, you don’t even need to go up on a glacier in winter because rental and tour operators will find you plenty of places to zoom around at liberty. Some sports even take on an added flair in winter - like swimming in a geothermally-heated outdoor pool in a blizzard!

On the cultural front you’ll have the choice of symphony orchestra, opera, theaters (there’s no language barrier for the frequent musicals), and a rich variety of other musical events. Alongside local artists, a growing numbers of celebrated international performers from all fields are eager to include trendy Iceland in their tour programs these days. And for a little daytime cultural input, a fine national and international mix can be found at the many visual art museums and galleries.

The cultural season is in full swing in spring and fall, when numerous festivals are held, like spring’s Reykjavik Arts Festival or fall’s Airwaves Music festival. Birdwatchers will also find these times best for getting a glimpse of northern favorites like the puffing and the ptarmigan. And sports fans can attend an exciting indoor team handball game, one of the nation’s favorite sports.

Summer brings with it 24-hour daylight and the chance to partake in some midnight golf. It’s the height of the tourist season, so museums are open longer and hotel rooms can be harder to find

Icelandair offers transatlantic travellers on their way to Europe the chance to stop over in Iceland for up to seven days at no additional cost - check out this opportunity if you want to add a new dimension to your trip between continents. Many people seize the chance to stop over and take a dip in the Blue Lagoon, shop in Reykjavik by day and sound out the cultural or social scene at night

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