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Lost & Found


Lost Baggage

If baggage does not reach it´s destination please contact

IGS - Ground Services handles baggage service for:

Airport Associates handles baggage service for:

ACE Handling handles baggage service for:
Icelandair WOW air Air Canada
Air Greenland Air Baltic Edelweiss
Air Iceland Connect British Airways Transavia
Atlantic Airways Delta
Austrian Easyjet
Czech Airlines Eurowings
Finnair FlyNiki
Lufthansa Germania
Primera Air Iberia Express
SAS Norwegian
Travel Service Vueling
Wizz Air

IGS Ground Services
Tel: +354 425 0226
Email: baggage@icelandair.is

Airport Associates
Tel: +354 420 0750

Opening Hours between 8 am and 5 pm all weekdays

ACE Handling
Tel: +354 626 0033

Opening Hours between 8 am and 5 pm all weekdays

Lost properties

Items found at Kefairport is handed to our lost property office, handled by Isavia. Items found on board aircrafts is handed to the airlines handling company.

Items lost at Kefairport
Please claim lost property by sending an email to lostproperties@kefairport.is The email must intail a detailed descripsion of the item, where it was lost and when.
It may take 24-48 hours to register a lost item but we keep all unclaimed items for up to 2 months.

Opening hours are 08-17 every day at the information desk in the arrival hall. It is also possible to claim items outside opening hours by agreement. Note that all alcohol is desposed off.

Items lost on board an aircraft
Please claim all items lost on board an aircraft with the airline handling company.

If you have lost an item on board a flight with any other airline please contact said airline directly. For those items will not be left in Iceland.

Please note - For all items lost before 02.01.18 please send an email to sli@logreglan.is.