The design of the commercial area was inspired by the history and culture of Iceland. The designers wanted to capture the unique nature and diversity of Iceland. A number of Icelandic designers and architects were involved in the creative process, both regarding the area as a whole and in creating individual shops and restaurants.



Keflavik International Airport was built by the U.S. military during World War II and opened on 23 March in 1943. It has played a big role in the development of commercial flight in Iceland and been an important stop-over between Europe and the U.S.

A lot has changed since the new terminal building opened in 1987. The number of passengers has increased fivefold, and there is continuous ongoing development.
In the next few years, we expect an even further increase in the number of passengers and predict that by 2020, passengers passing through the airport will number around 7 million per year. In total, there are 20 airline companies flying to and from Iceland this summer, and the estimated number of passengers is 4.5 million. To meet the needs of this growing number of customers, the terminal building is being expanded. The expansion will continue in several phases over the next few years.